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Frequently Asked Questions

* Should you require clarification or further information not found on this page, refer to the standard HHonors® FAQ or you may contact Customer Care.

Team Member HHonors Terms & Conditions:

Current employees of Hilton Worldwide, its parent, affiliates and subsidiaries and the employees or owners of hotels within the Hilton Worldwide portfolio (collectively, "Employees") are eligible to participate in the Hilton HHonors Program subject to HHonors Terms and Conditions, but certain exceptions to the HHonors Terms and Conditions are as follows (referred to herein as the "Employee Exceptions"):
  1. Employees are not subject to the removal from the Program and are not subject to forfeiture of accumulated points as set forth in the "General" section of HHonors Terms and Conditions.
  2. As set forth in the "Accrual of Points" section of the HHonors Terms and Conditions, Employees are not eligible to earn points during a stay if staying on a Team Member Travel or Hilton Family Travel Rate. However, Employees may earn HHonors points on eligible incidental folio charges during their stay even if staying at a hotel on a Team Member Travel or Hilton Family Travel Rate, excluding Hampton, Homewood, and Home2 Suites hotels at which no points may be earned by Team Members for eligible folio charges. In addition, even if staying at a hotel on a Team Member Travel rate or Hilton Family Travel Rate, Employees are eligible to receive HHonors elite tier benefits if such Employees are in fact a Silver, Gold or Diamond member. For the avoidance of doubt, Employees are not eligible to earn points for stays or for eligible folio charges if staying on any other ineligible rates.
For the avoidance of doubt, once an Employee's employment with Hilton Worldwide, its parent, affiliate or subsidiary or a hotel within the Hilton Worldwide portfolio is terminated, such individual is not subject to the Employee Exceptions.

Q: Who can enroll in the program?

A: All full-time and part-time team members employed by Hilton Worldwide or hotel staff of our 10 distinct hotel brands are eligible to enroll in the program.

Q: How do I enroll?

A: Enroll by going to

Q: After I enroll, when will I get my HHonors card?

A: You will receive your HHonors card after completing two qualifying/eligible stays.

Q: What if I already have an HHonors account?

A: We will convert your account to theTeam Member HHonors program. Send an email with your HHonors account number to with the subject heading "Convert my HHonors account to Team Member HHonors."

Q: What if I had an account prior to Team Member HHonors that was deactivated/closed?

A: We will reactivate your account if you email your deactivated account number to

Q: What are the benefits of enrolling in the Team Member HHonors program?

A: To learn more about the benefits and services of the Team Member HHonors program, click here.

Q: Am I eligible to sign up for Hilton HHonors promotions (e.g., the Q3 2010 "Double Your HHonors" system-wide promotion)?

A: Yes, team members are eligible to sign up per terms and conditions and qualification/eligibility criteria of each promotion.

Q: Are there any special benefits for members in the Team Member HHonors program?

A: All Team Member HHonors accounts will be exempt from deactivation; your account will remain active as long as you are employed by Hilton Worldwide or its hotels. Team Member HHonors accounts will not be subject to account closure due to inactivity. Other benefits exclusive to team members may be provided in the future and would be communicated.

Q: If I have no stays or point activity, will HHonors delete my account?

A: No, all Team Member HHonors accounts will remain active as long as you are an employee of Hilton Worldwide or its portfolio of hotels.

Q: What happens to my Team Member HHonors account if I am no longer employed by Hilton Worldwide or its portfolio of hotels?

A: We will convert your Team Member HHonors account to a standard consumer account.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about my account or the Team Member HHonors program?

A: You can contact Customer Care at 1 (800) 548-8690 (in the U.S. and Canada); outside the U.S. and Canada (not a toll-free call) at 1 (800) 449-4155; or send an email to

Q: How do I update my account (e.g., address, email and phone)?

A: Go to your HHonors profile or contact Customer Care.

Q: I had a bad stay and my efforts to resolve with the hotel have been unsuccessful. Who do I contact?

A: Please contact Guest Assistance at 1 (888) 240-6152 (U.S. toll-free) or 0 (800) 804-8175 (international toll-free). Team Member Travel stays are excluded.

Q: Will I earn Bonus Points for member referrals?

A: Yes, you can earn bonus points by referring non-Hilton team members to sign up for the consumer HHonors program by clicking here.

Q: Which stays will earn me points and count towards elite tier status?

A: Eligible stays are defined in bullet point 3 at Accrual of Points.

Q: Can I earn points for Team Member Travel stays?

A: No, as is the case for current HHonors Members, deeply discounted rates will not be eligible to earn points. When staying at the Team Member Travel program rate you would not be eligible since this would be considered a deeply discounted rate.

Q: Can I earn points for Hilton Corporate Business travel?

A: Yes, you will earn HHonors points for Hilton Corporate Business travel if the stay does NOT fall into one of the ineligible categories listed above.

Q: Can I earn points and miles for my stay?

A: You can go into your My Way Profile and select your earnings style option. For details, refer to the Rewarding Double Dip® Earnings Style options section of Benefits and Services.

Q: If I earn elite tier status, will I receive HHonors elite tier on-property benefits during my eligible stays?

A: Yes, you will receive the same elite tier on-property benefits applicable to the elite tier. For more information about these benefits visit Membership Levels.

Q: What are other ways I can earn points?

A: You can earn HHonors points even without staying in our hotels.

You can earn HHonors points with your everyday purchases and spending. The HHonors program offers 5 credit cards in 4 countries to help you accumulate points and earn your way to free stays and other rewards much faster. To learn more, click here.

You can also earn points with our other partners including car rentals, wireless phone providers and online flower companies at the Hilton HHonors Earning Mall. Learn more about earning points for all your purchases at HHonors Earnings Mall.

Q: What can I do with the points that I earn?

A: You can redeem your points for hotel stays at any of our 3,600 properties or shop for merchandise with one of our many partners. Please visit HHonors Rewards to learn more about all that you can do with your points.

Q: Am I eligible to receive HHonors points if I book a room from a group block of rooms?

A: A Member whose individual hotel bill is billed directly to a company, where the Member is responsible for authorization for settlement at check-out, is eligible for HHonors points. However, group master-billing arrangements where charges for multiple rooms are placed on one hotel bill and billed to a company or common address or settled at check-out by one individual are not eligible for HHonors points. Incidental charges (those charged to a Member's room) paid for directly by the Member at check-out are eligible for point credit. Incidental charges billed to a master bill are not eligible for point credit.

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