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FAQ - Fast Ways to Free Stays Promotion

The intent of this document is to answer questions about the Hilton HHonors™ Q4 2011 'Fast Ways to Free Stays' promotion. If you have additional, questions please contact 1-800-HHonors.

  1. What is the name of the HHonors promotion for Q4?
  2. 'Fast Ways to Free Stays'

  3. What is the offer?
  4. HHonors members can choose between earning Double Points per stay or a Free Night certificate after four stays or ten nights, whichever comes first.

  5. What are the promotion dates?
  6. October 1 - December 31, 2011 ("Promotional Period")

  7. What are the Terms and Conditions?
  8. You can find the full terms and conditions of the offer at

  9. Can anyone participate in the promotion?
  10. Yes, as long as they are an HHonors member and have registered for the promotion at

  11. If I am not an HHonors member can I join HHonors during the promotion and participate in "Fast Ways to Free Stays"?
  12. Yes, as long as you register and stay within the Promotional Period you can participate.

  13. How do HHonors members register for the promotion?
  14. HHonors members can access our registration page through

  15. Is this promotion only for HHonors members in the United States?
  16. No, this is a worldwide promotion open to all HHonors members across the globe.

  17. Are all Hilton Worldwide hotels participating in this promotion?
  18. No, a list of non-participating hotels can be found at

  19. Are all Plan Codes included in this promotion?
  20. No, a list of excluded Plan Codes can be found at

  21. Can an HHonors member receive both Double Points and the Free Night certificate during their stays?
  22. No, once an HHonors member selects either Double Points or Free Night certificate their choice cannot be changed and they will not be able to register for the other offer.

  23. Can an HHonors member change the offer they selected?
  24. Once our system begins calculating an HHonors member selection based on counting stays for the Free Night certificate or Double Points per stay, then we cannot modify their account. Therefore, all selections are final. The registration page reminds the members to choose carefully because the choice cannot be changed.

    Double Points Information

  25. What is the Double Points offer?
  26. Members who register for "Double Points" will receive a bonus equal to the number of Base Points earned during a stay within the Promotional Period. Bonus Points earned on Base Points do not count toward tier qualification. Please allow up to six-weeks from completion of your stay for points to appear in your HHonors account.

    Free Night Certificate Information

  27. How do HHonors members earn their Free Night certificate?
  28. For every four stays or ten nights (whichever comes first) at one of our participating properties, within the Promotional Period, Hilton HHonors will award the member with a Free Night certificate. The Free Night certificate can be used at any participating hotel or resort in the Hilton Worldwide portfolio. There is no limit to the number of Free Night certificates a member can earn within the Promotional Period.

  29. Do the ten nights need to be consecutive?
  30. No, the ten nights do not need to be consecutive as long as they are all within the Promotional Period.

  31. Can HHonors members still earn HHonors points as well as earn stays/nights towards their Free Night certificate?
  32. Yes, HHonors members will still be earning their standard tier level HHonors points throughout this promotion.

  33. How will HHonors members know when they have earned their Free Night certificate?
  34. As soon as their fourth stay or tenth night registers in our system we will issue a certificate which will be emailed to the member's email address on file, this may take up to six-weeks to receive but generally will be received within 14-days after the stay. For those who have not registered an email address with HHonors we will mail directly to the HHonors member's address on file.

  35. How many certificates can one HHonors member earn during the promotion?
  36. There is a no limit to the number of Free Night certificates an HHonors member can earn during the Promotional Period.

  37. How do HHonors members receive their Free Night certificate?
  38. All HHonors members will receive their Free Night certificate through email at the email address they have on their HHonors profile. For those who have not registered an email address with HHonors we will mail directly to the HHonors member's address on file.

  39. How long does it take to receive the Free Night certificate?
  40. Generally, within 14-days after the member has achieved four stays or ten nights. However, it may take up to six-weeks for members to receive their Free Night certificate.

  41. How do HHonors members redeem their Free Night certificate?
  42. HHonors members will have to contact Hilton Reservations and Customer Care to redeem their Free Night certificate. Free Night certificate reservations must be made in advance, booked through Hilton Reservations and Customer Care, and completed before the expiration date of the certificate. Free Night certificates can only be used for standard room accommodations.

  43. Do redemption stays count as a stay for this promotion?
  44. No, HHonors redemption stays cannot count as a stay for this promotion.

  45. What does the Free Night certificate cover?
  46. The certificate will cover a standard room and tax for one night. All incidentals and gratuities are the responsibility of the guest. This certificate may only be used for standard room accommodations and cannot be used for premium or upgraded rooms. All standard rooms are based upon the availability of the hotel.

  47. Where can HHonors members use their Free Night certificate?
  48. Certificates can be redeemed for use at any participating hotel or resort in the Hilton Worldwide portfolio. The HHonors member must book their room in advance, make the reservation through Hilton Reservations and Customer Care, and complete the stay prior to the certificate expiration.

  49. Is there a minimum stay requirement for HHonors members when they redeem their certificate?
  50. No, we do not have a minimum stay requirement for redeeming this Free Night certificate. However, the hotel may have a minimum length of stay requirement.

  51. How long do members have to use these rewards?
  52. The Free Nights certificates are valid for six-months from the date of issuance.

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