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Membership Levels

Membership Levels

With HHonors, the more often you stay, the higher the status you'll achieve. Earn Elite status, and enjoy HHonors point bonuses, free high-speed wireless, complimentary room upgrades (based on availability at the time of check-in), health club privileges and more.

Earning Tier Status
Members can earn and maintain elite tier status based on stays, nights, or Base points earned in any calendar year. A "calendar year" is understood to mean January 1st through - December 31st of each year. Members must re-qualify for elite status each calendar year.

Moving to a Higher Elite Tier
Members may earn a higher elite status when their stays, nights or Base Points within a calendar year qualify the member for the next tier. Members must re-qualify for elite status each year.

Maintaining Your Elite Tier
Once the Member has reached a certain elite tier, the Member may keep such status for the calendar year in which the elite tier was earned and the subsequent calendar year. Documentation (as defined in item #17 of Accrual of Points) must be furnished within 90 days of stay in order to count toward tier-level qualification.

Your reward stays count toward elite tier qualification. And HHonors elite members will receive the elite point bonus on Base Points earned for incidental spending during HHonors hotel reward stays. It all adds up to putting you on a faster track to enjoying exclusive elite privileges!